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These questions are "open" to me, not necessarily the scientific community. If you have insights or can point me toward references relevant to them, please do!

Open Questions

For biochemical assays, are sodium phosphate and potassium phosphate buffers equivalent? 2013/05/24

Are there reasons why it would matter whether sodium or potassium is in solution? I tried to research this question online and haven't found anything. I did learn this

Why does the DNA clump when you run overloaded agarose gels? (2012/10/02)

polka-dot DNA in a 0.7% agarose gel

Why do apples make people burp?

  • (posted 5/23/2012)
    • I have been wondering this for years.

Old/Now uninteresting

What is the difference between Bacto yeast extract & Difco yeast extract?

I e-mailed BD on 2012/03/01 and asked "What is the difference between Difco Yeast Extract and Bacto Yeast Extract? I only see Difco Yeast Extract UF in this: http://www.bd.com/ds/technicalCenter/misc/br_3_2547.pdf so it is hard to compare. I have an old bottle of Difco Yeast extract that is not UF and I wonder if it can be substituted for Bacto Yeast extract. It is also old (1999) -- does it go bad?"