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This page is used by the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) for community activities.


The 21st century presents global challenges in the environment, resources, energy, health, and sustainability. The IBE supports the community of scientists and engineers that are addressing these problems through biological systems analysis and design. We do this through enhancing and promoting biological engineering in the broadest manner through research, education, and professional development.

For a running commentary on recent news stories and discussions about biological engineering, see our blog below. Professional development activities in IBE are abundant and will include a number of seminars and round table discussions to be held at the IBE 2011 mtg with topics including how to obtain funding from NIH, the tenure review process, and how to incorporate ethics topics in engineering curricula. We also are developing a database of teaching resources including class notes, laboratory exercises, and projects in biological engineering. This will be made available to all IBE members.


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JBE was launched October 10th, 2007 and publishes peer reviewed, open access articles on all topics within biological engineering. Several recent publications have been downloaded over 20,000 times!

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Biological Engineering is a rapidly evolving engineering discipline based on the quantitative science of biology. IBE is engineering for life!