IBE: 2008 Regional Student Conferences

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On October 18, 2008 four campuses hosted the 1st Annual Regional Student IBE Conferences:

  • Midwest host: Purdue University
  • Eastern host: Cornell University
  • Western host: Utah State University
  • Southern host: Mississippi State University

This wiki is currently being used for organizational purposes for the 2009 regional conferences.

Organizers Discussion Board

add your comments and updates here


primary faculty contact: Jenna Rickus. rickus@purdue.edu

student organizers contacts:

  1. Rameez Chanti. mchatni@purdue.edu
  2. Laurent Ahiablame. lahiabla@purdue.edu
  3. Kyle Vester. vesterk@purdue.edu
  4. JD Mcclurkin. jmcclurk@purdue.edu
  5. Eric McLamore. emclamor@purdue.edu
  6. Sandeep Ravindranath. psandeep@purdue.edu

Purdue University: visit the wiki


Visit the Cornell IBE website

Utah State

Primary Faculty Contact: Dr. Ronald Sims - rcsims@usu.edu

Student Contacts:

  1. Elisabeth Linton - e.linton@aggiemail.usu.edu
  2. Daniel Nelson - daniel.nelson@aggiemail.usu.edu

Mississippi State

Visit the Missippi State Chapter Website