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Synthetic Biology (Spring2008): Computer Modelling Practicals


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Practical 2: Report Structure

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Part I: Constitutive Gene Expression

  1. [mRNA] expression when at steady state, [Protein] expression when at steady state
  2. average transcription rate, average translation rate
  3. Simulation output
  4. Sensitivity Analysis on the protein steady state with regards to the 4 parameters (parameter scan outputs)
  5. under quasi-steady-state assumption on [mRNA], expression of 's' and 'd'
  6. model comparison: illustration + comments.

Part II: Activated and Repressed Gene Expression

  1. transfer function graph for the repressor circuit
  2. possible application of the repressor circuit
  3. transfer function graph for the activator circuit
  4. possible application of the activator circuit

Part III: Feedback Gene Expression

  1. Provide ODEs system for the 3 circuits
  2. Model comparison with illustrations + comments