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August 11th 2010


This meeting was made to know which bio-bricks we will send to Edinburgh as well as they will send us.

Send Ask for
Blue promoter LovTap-reporter construction
Lux Y Luciferase*
CcaR-CcaS Lux CDE
Lux AB*

Bio-parts with * are in progress to be finished.

  • Lumazine is here.
  • Mariana sent e-mail explaining to Edinburgh team about our Luciferase mutated, because they told us about their 4 mutants of which, two are working and other two doesn´t work. We have working mutant.

Mariana will send our Luciferase as soon as possible, she is waiting for test with Chris Wood (Advisor).

  • We need their Luciferase because they use a nitrite promoter.


  • Mariana:
    • She will talk with Chris Wood and test Luciferase mutant.
    • Will transform for DNA submitting.
    • She already transform Lumazine and LovTap.
  • Jorge
    • Trpl-GFP and will work with inverter.

Construcción of Blue Receptor

promoter | LovTap | trpl | Inverter | Reportero