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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Personal Info

J Arturo Zepeda M

Hey there, i'm Jorge Arturo Zepeda Martínez currently a junior student of the Genomic Sciences Undergraduate Program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Cuernavaca Morelos, i'm 20 years old, i like to hang out with friends, learn and experience new things, i used to be very into olympic gymnastics and tennis, but now with University and iGem there isn't much time left to it, i love it though.

I have been working in the UNAM-Genomics-Mexico team, for next 2010 iGem Competition. Our project aims to creat a light-based communication system between Bacteria.

You can e-mail me at:


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  • High School: Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Preparatoria Agrícola 2008.
  • Major: UNAM, Ciencias Genómicas 2012.

Research interests

  • Synthetic Biology/iGem
  • Epigenetics
  • Immunology
  • Small non coding RNAS

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