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March 11th 2010

  • We already know the pathway for aldehyde creation in Lux AB system.
  • OmpR is on way.
  • We have a possible yellow bioluminescent protein, the problem whit this system is: it has been proved in vitro only.

Checking for details of receptors and new bioluminescent proteins we have these results:


  • Red Receptor (680-735 nm).
  • Blue Receptor (400-470-500nm).

Bioluminescent proteins:

  • Infra-red (760 nm)(Posible use)
  • Blue (490nm)
  • Yellow-green (540nm)
  • Red (707nm).

Red is stable in E. Coli.

Growth temperatures of V. Fischeri, V. Harveyi and X. luminescence, are 30, 37 and 42°C respectively.

We need to search for

  • Information about YFP (in vitro), quantum yield and LovTAP system details.
  • Green receptor.