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March 9th 2010


  • Carrier of EnvZ is on way.
  • We need to look for the best tryptophan deficient.
  • The best option for aldehyde is a “tetradecanal aldehyde”.
  • Vibrio Fischeri & V. Harveyi have best option for CDE genes from Operon Lux.
  • Genes AB from Operon Lux will be obtained from Xenorhabdus luminescence.


  • Red Phytocrome (760nm).
  • Blue LovTAP(470).

Bioluminescent protein

  • Green. Vibrio Harveyi.
  • Blue Lux AB.

We need to search:

  • Yellow and green receptors.
  • Red firefly-luciferin expressed in E. Coli