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February 19th 2010

Constructing the systems and put them together.

actually of 19th Feb

-What are the sites for restriction enzymes in the operon?

-Can we change the color expression?

  • OmpR

This part is complemented whit information exposed in operón Lux. We are trying to together these systems.

-What else is regulated by Ompr?

-Search for more information of Ompr.

-What are the phenotypes of Envz?

  • LovTAP

There is a trouble trying to activate the LovTAP operon. We can resolve them trying with Tryptophan auxotroph or a Tryptophan repressor knockout.

-Know about mutants phentoypes.

  • Apoquerin

There is an advantage whit this bioluminescence system because LW of light can active one of the purposed phytochrome.

-Can it be applied in E. Coli?

-What is the best option for Ca +2 influx?

-How can be regulated Ompr?

-Search in literature for mutants phenotypes.

  • Phytochromes.

-Search for their paths and viability.

  • General things.

-Search in literature how much light can be emitted by bioluminescent molecules.


-Know all the parameters.