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February 17th 2010

Interactions between light emission and phytochromes: Understanding the Transcriptional circuit.

In order to design our system we have to answer the following questions:

Light systems.

  • Lux operon

How does it work?

What genes will be considered in the bio-brick construction?

  • Aequorin

It emits light in a wavelength of 469nm and responds to Ca ions gradients.

How could be controlled the entry of Ca+2 to the cell. What ion channels are involved?

Is there a Ca+2 concentration maximum for E.coli viability?

  • OmpR function

OmpR is phosphorylated by the phytochrome construction (COLIROID project) absorbing red (660nm) light.

So, how OmpR is regulated in E.coli, are there other proteins that phosphorylate it?

What mutants will be necessary to avoid crosstalk within our system?

LovTAP phytochrome (E.colight project)

It responds to blue light (470nm).

How does the construction work?

How is the regulation with tryptophan?

What chromophore is necessary?

Could we change the DNA binding domain?

What mutants will be necessary to avoid crosstalk within our system?


Understand the light system modeled in YEAST.

What parameters we could use.

How could we predict the light emission of our system?

  • Other proposed IGEM projects

Look for more alternative bio-bricks to construct our system.