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February 23rd, 2010

Operon Lux

-What has been done with bacterial luciferase? -NOTE: Must have a highly oxygenated media. -Vibrio shines blue, Photobacterium shines green. -Check in the article “About Bioluminiscence”.


  • In 2009 plate, the sequence is confirmed in the registry.
  • E. coli Strain is supposed to be top10 according to Harvard’s protocol. This strain has no mutation in EnvZ. There is a mutant 473 which activates ompC and EnvZ3 which activates partially OmpC.


  • Check LovTAP biobrick.pdf, where the structure is explained. The idea of the team of EPF is explicit in the paper of Strickland et al. (“Light-activated DNA binding in a designed allosteric protein”).


  • Could be expressed in E. coli but intensity could be affected.

Downstream answer

  • Downstream must close answer is a two component system in Ralstonia palustri, the domain of a phytochrome PUC-BA could be moved to coli… or does it already have it?


  • Kinetics of lux operon in a paper.
  • Need to consider the origin of variations.


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