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News about parts that Edinburgh will send to us

Dear Luis, how's everything going?

your iGEM team has sent mine some useful BioBrick PCR products, which we're just cloning now, so thank you for that. I seem to be having some communication issues with my team, as various people are away on holiday, but I understand that we are supposed to send you some BioBricks too - the phycobilin synthesis parts (which we have in pSB1C3), the repaired cph8 receptor (which we have in pSB1C3 but not yet with all the repairs combined in one construct; hope to have this early next week if all goes well), and the Lausanne Lov-Tap reporter plasmid (if I can find it, as the person who was working with it is away; she should be back next week, as lectures are starting then). We also have a version of luxCDE in pSB1C3 with the XbaI site removed, and a new lumP construct, as well as luxAB-lumP combination, all in pSB1C3. We are currently adding promoters to these to test them. Anyway, I can put all these in the package too. Mainly just wanted to check that I should mail them to Enrique at the same address as before. Unless I hear otherwise, I'll try to get the package in the post on Monday or Tuesday. Hope it's not too late to be useful.

Sorry this has taken so long - it seems that our channels of communication are not all that they could be.

best wishes,

Chris F. University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

Dear Chris,

Hi and thanks for your e-mail. I will forward it to the rest of the team so they know your advance.
About the shipment, sending it to Enrique with the same address as before would be best, though it might actually get a bit late here (there is nothing we can do about it), but we would definitely like to receive the shipment with as much as you think worth sending to us, regardless of the risks. This includes the parts that you mentioned in your e-mail. Well, the address, just to confirm, is:
Enrique Paz
Laboratorio de Genómica Computacional
Centro de Ciencias Genómicas UNAM
Campus Morelos
Avenida Universidad s/n Colonia Chamilpa C.P 62210 Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico

Could you please let us know when you have sent the parts? and are you adding GFP to test the constructs too? Good luck with the biobricking!!