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Mail from Chris French: parts sent

Dear Luis,

I've just put the BioBricks in the mail. The sequence of lumP is slightly different from the one in the Registry as it comes from a different strain. I'll send it to you later - today's a bit busy for me. I've also included a new cph8 (red light sensor) clone that I just completed, though it has not been sequence-verified yet (there were several errors that needed to be corrected). I'm hoping to get the sequence results back on Wednesday, so I'll let you know then if it's OK. We're about to start assembling the complete red light sensor system with a reporter - probably will use YFP or RFP rather than GFP as we get lower backgrounds with these in my fluorimeter.

BTW, sorry if this is out if line, but I'm just getting bits and pieces of second hand information - I have somehow received the impression, rightly or wrongly, that your team has been having some issues getting things into pSB1C3. If this is the case, and if we are successful in cloning the PCR products you sent us in pSB1C3, would you like us to send you the plasmids for submission? or is this now under control, or have I misunderstood the situation?

best wishes,

Chris F.

about luciferases

Chris was asked about the state of the luciferase, to which he responded the following.

Dear Luis,

not sure I understand. Are you referring to the bacterial luciferase, luxAB? As far as I know, it does not need mutation, or am I mistaken? It is the one from Xenorhabdus luminescens Hb. Our luxAB clone from last year had a questionable SpeI site, possibly due to a problem with the primer, but we've fixed that in the new version. The luxCDE needed mutation to remove one XbaI site, which we have done.

We also have some mutated versions of firefly luciferase, which are supposed to be red-shifted, but we have not confirmed this yet. We have been sent a blue-shifted Renilla luciferase but it is not clear whether we are allowed to supply it to others or deposit it in the Registry, so we aren't working with it at the moment.

Could you please clarify which system you're referring to?

best wishes,