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Thursday 2nd September

  • The overnight digestions were checked using gel electrophoresis [[1]].
  • The gel was set up as follows starting from the bottom:

1) GFP plasmid from the lab. 2) Part BBa_E0040. 3) Ladder.


  • Both bands in lane 2 were removed using the gel extraction kit.[[2]]

* Ligation of pgaA promoter, Part BBa_E0040 and pSB1C3:

 pgaA promoter - 2μL
 Part BBa_E0040 - 2μL
 pSB1C3 - 2μL
 T4 DNA ligase - 1μL
 T4 buffer (x10) - 2μL
 H2O - 11μL
  • Ligation failed as shown by the bellow gel:


  • The ligation is in lane one. The three bands show that ligations was not successful.