IGEM:IMPERIAL/2007/Projects/Hrp System/Systems/Hrp Device 1/Implementation

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Super Parts links to higher level parts if applicable
Actual Part IC2007 Hrp Dev1Top.png
Sub Parts RBS (Elowitz) BBa_B0034 Double terminator (B0010-B0012) BBa_B0015

Ligation strategy

  • define the way you plan to build the part (a gantt chart could be good for the sake of clarity and planning)

Quality control

  • define the quality control used at each step
  • define possible enzymes to be used and their outcomes
  • define design of primers to be used in sequencing

WetLab work entries

  • place where to write down all the work done in the lab to build this part
  • define clearly the date and person(s) involved