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Design Constructs

There are two test constructs for this device:

  1. Promoter construct
  2. Device construct


Hrp PromA

The promoter used to initiate expression of HrpR and HrpS will be pLux which is induced by adding AHL. By measuring the rate of acGFP expression upon addition of various concentrations of AHL we will find out the input characteristics of the pLux. The construct used to test the properties of the promoter (expression rate, response time) will be Hrp PromA image of which is shown on the left.

Device constructs

Device 1 construct - No direct way however to measure PoPS

Hrp Dev1 solves the problem of PoPS (includes promoter and reporter)

The final assembly (Hrp Dev1) that will be used to test our device is the one shown above. Since we cannot directly measure PoPS going in or out of the Hrp device, we had to seek of alternative methods of measuring the input/output. The promoter used to "start up" the device will be pLux for which we will know the input characteristics from measuring the acGFP production of the promoter test assembly. The output will be measured by recording the rate of fluorescence production (acGFP) of the assembly below. Therefore, by the end of the day we will have both the input and output characteristics in terms of the rate of acGFP production.

INPUTS Biological component Comments
AHL (Inducer) concentration pLux promoter AHL acts on pLux promoter
OUTPUTS Biological component Comments
Fluorescence acGFP The rate of GFP production will be our output

Open issues

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