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Super Parts Prey Construct
Actual Part T9002.JPG
T9002: Test Sensing Prey Construct
Sub Parts F2620 intermediate_part intermediate_part


  • With this testing part, we want to characterize the sensitivity of the prey cell towards the prey molecule (AHL)
  • By testing the part firstly with known AHL concentrations, a transfer curve can be established
  • By referring to the transfer function, this part will serve as an assay for AHL concentrations, which allows us to quantize different AHL concentrations
  • The expression of GFP and thus the level of fluorescence is dependent on the concentration of AHL


See T9002 Testing Protocol


Testing Results (processed data) for T9002:

Parameter extraction

  • Demonstrate how you are extracting the paramters you are interested in from experimental data.
  • Give the results.