IGEM:IMPERIAL/2006/project/Oscillator/project browser/Test Killing Predator Construct/Implementation

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Super Parts Predator Construct
Actual Part AiiA Testing Construct <bbpart>J37022</bbpart>J37022a.png
Sub Parts <bbpart>R0010</bbpart> <bbpart>B0034</bbpart> <bbpart>J37023</bbpart> <bbpart>B0015</bbpart>

Ligation Strategy

Ligating the AiiA Testing Construct:

For Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
J37023 logo.png
J37023 logo.pngPlus sign.pngB0014 logo.png
J37022 logo.png

Quality control

Part Logo Built Sequenced Primers Used for Sequencing
J37022 logo.png No N/A N/A
J37023 logo.png Yes Yes
Note: This part was sequenced as a part of J37025
Primers used
J37024 logo.png No N/A N/A

WetLab work entries

  • The AiiA gene available from the registry seemed non-functional. We sourced new AiiA to which we then PCR'd LVA-tag and immunotag. See design section for this part for more information]
  • Parts J37024 and J37022 were not built due to time constraints.