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Super Parts Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Actual Part J37015page.JPG
Sub Parts Test Sensing Prey Construct <bbpart>C0261</bbpart> <bbpart>I13401</bbpart>

Ligation Strategy

Ligating the Prey Construct:

For Stage 1 Stage 2
C0261 logo.pngPlus sign.pngI13504 logo.png
J37015 logo.png

Quality control

Part Logo Built Sequenced Primers Used for Sequencing
J37034 logo.png Yes Yes Primers used
J37015 part.png Yes Yes Primers used

WetLab work entries

  • Part has been successfully built.
  • Pops blocker (for control of positive feedback loop) has been successfully made and needs to be incorporated into the prey part and tested.

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