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Gel image of Kai\X-P, J04500\S-P, J04500\X-P, and B0034\S-P

80V for 90 min
Click for Legend
80V for 105 min
"Click for Legend"

Ligation and Transformation attempt #3 for stage 1 of constructs

This ligation and transformation attempt was done for 9 things:

  • B0034\sp + KaiA \xp, KaiB \xp, KaiC \xp
  • J4500\xp from the 97.3 ng/uL midiprep + KaiA \xp, KaiB \xp, KaiC \xp
  • J4500\xp from the 97.3 ng/uL midiprep + KaiA \xp, KaiB \xp, KaiC \xp

Did a 1:3 volume ratio because the gel cutout did not give good nanodrop numbers; the usual, 25uL competent cells per sample, plated 5 on KAN (the J4500 \xp), 5 on Carb (the B0034 and the controls), and 1 of the J4500\xp on KAN (the KaiC \xp).