IGEM:British Columbia/2009/Notebook/Biosensor Sensitivity/2009/07/13

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Glycerol Stock Confirmation

  • PCR Protocol #11
  • Samples: pBad reverse, RBS RFP Terminator, J23100, RBS, pBad weak RBS RFP, RBS YFP Terminator
Gel Electrophoresis 1% gel with SYBR green only pBad reverse, RBS RFP Term, and pBad weak RBS RFP, RBS were confirmed, to confirm J23100 on July 15
Material 1 reaction Master mix
10x buffer 2.5uL 24.75uL
Vf2 primer 1.25uL 12.38uL
Vr primer 1.25uL 12.38uL
dNTP 0.5uL 4.95uL
sd water 19.3uL 191.1uL
Taq Pol 0.2uL 1.98uL
DNA 0uL 0uL
Total 25uL 247.5uL