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Alex Holcombe
• Jiahao "Aaron" Wu


Skills Checklist
Python Programming
Psychopy/VisionEgg Installation Notes
R analysis,plot,stats
Buttonbox with photocell
Programming Cheat Sheets

Rhythm without motion

Program is called Set Hz of screen!!!Rhythm5thPressWork4.py

Checklist when running the program:

  • Should be using Viewsonic G810 as the screen (brightness and contrast setting same as AlexWhite—contrast 100%,brightness between G and H in word BRIGHTNESS that appears on the screen)
  • Unplug second screen
  • 120 Hz (better double-check, because when disconnect second monitor sometimes it resets
  • 800 by 600 pixels
  • Tap button box with each flash, and tap actual button on 5th flash
  • 150 trials per session
  • 7, 27, and 120 cd/m^2 (.25, .5, 1 nominal vals)

Methods notes

  • startingDist had only two possible values, so first flash occurred either 1 sec or 533ms in
  • calculated flash timing appears to be for mid-time of flash, not onset. So need to retrospectively fix data
  • I see there were two "print" statements between button box clock start command and stimulus drawing start. These print statements might take time
  • also I see that s.flushInput() is called *after* starting button box clock with s.write('e5'). Is this wise?

Data analysis, Sam method

  • Delete 5 rows up to header line (keep header line)
  • luminance ratio is actually targetyPositionX column
  • Delete all columns except subj, targetyPositionX, timePressRecorded
  • then delete header row
  • then SPSS +/- 250 ms was excluded as outliers, -99 means no response

new version march 09

  • using mitsubishi diamond pro 2070 SB, contrast 100%, brightness 100% (which makes background quite bright)
  • making fixation dimmer
  • using lums .08, .32, 1
  • tap to each of 8 from 3rd flash