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Postdiction means having your percept of a particular time be affected by something that happened later. This does not require multiple drafts of consciousness. Instead, everything can be buffered for an amount of time before perception occurs.

Helps that "“We usually have already started responding to a stimulus when we apperceive it; our motor apparatus does not wait for our consciousness, but fulfils its duty restlessly and our consciousness watches it and is not allowed to give orders” (Münsterberg, 1889, p. 173)."

Evidence for postdiction

  • apparent motion interpolation
  • Scholl bounce/pass with sound later
  • Eagleman line motion in _Perception_
  • cutaneous rabbit
  • WhitneyCavanagh illusion goes with motion direction hundreds of msec after the flash. Part of this is probably rapid adaptation to previous direction (McGraw; Scarfe Johnston 2010)

Evidence for multiple drafts

  • Lachter & Durgin metacontrast masking and the Fehrer-Raab effect[1]
  • Eagleman brightness percept change at beginning vs. end?


  1. Neumann O and Scharlau I. Experiments on the Fehrer-Raab effect and the 'Weather Station Model' of visual backward masking. Psychol Res. 2007 Nov;71(6):667-77. DOI:10.1007/s00426-006-0055-5 | PubMed ID:16715303 | HubMed [NeumannScharlau]