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Systems Biology 204: Biomolecular Engineering and Synthetic Biology


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Teaching assistant

Administrative assistant

Guest Speakers


Last Name First Name Affiliation E-mail
Barish Rob Systems Biology rdbarish@gmail.com
Cruz Jose Bioengineering josecruz@fas.harvard.edu
Cutkosky Ashok Mathematics acutkosky@college.harvard.edu
Daugharthy Evan Systems Biology daugharthy@fas.harvard.edu
Hamer Hilary Chemistry and Chemical Biology hhamer@fas.harvard.edu
Hiscock Tom Systems Biology hiscock@fas.harvard.edu
Iagovitina Tonia Systems Biology iagovitina@fas.harvard.edu
Kahn Mohammed Microfabrication mohammed.khan@wyss.harvard.edu
Karhohs Kyle Systems Biology karhohs@fas.harvard.edu
Kim Ahra Genetics akim14@partners.org
Landau Misia Visiting Scholar misia.landau@gmail.com
Myhrvold Cameron Systems Biology myhrvold@fas.harvard.edu
Negri Joe Biological and Biomedical Sciences jnegri@fas.harvard.edu
Robinson-Mosher Avi Systems Biology avi.mosher@wyss.harvard.edu
Roquet Nathaniel Biophysics nroquet@fas.harvard.edu
Schapiro Denis Cell Biology denis_schapiro@hms.harvard.edu
Tian Bozhi Koch/MIT & CHB tianbz@mit.edu
Varma Sarvesh Electrical Engineering sarvesh@mit.edu
Zhao Jinghui Cell Biology jinghui_zhao@hms.harvard.edu