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Biophysics 101: Genomics, Computing, and Economics

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Date Presenter(s) Topic Slides
Thu Sep-3 George Church Technological change, Cognitive Bias, Unintended Consequences PPT
Tue Sep-8 George Church Exponential Growth, Behavioral Economics, Physics of Biocomputers PPT
Tue Sep-15 Harris Wang Programming Computers & Cells, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) PPT
Thu Sep-17 Sasha Wait Zaranek PGP & Automated Genome Annotation PDF
Tue Sep-22 George Church Logistic equation; silicon, neural, and DNA computing PPT
Thu Sep-24 George Church Extreme quantitative traits, aging, bell curve statistics PPT
Tue Sep-29 George Church Python, Trait odds-ratios, Chi-Square & population frequencies PPT
Thu Oct-1 George Church (no class Oct 1) -
Tue Oct-6 George Church (no class Oct 6) -
Thu Oct-8 George Church Pharmacogenomics; ApoE ; Covariance PPT
Tue Oct-13 George Church Metabolic Optima; Nutrigenomics PPT
Thu Oct-15 Sasha Wait Zaranek Trait-o-matic : How to PDF
Tue Oct-20 George Church Chalk: Single molecule sequencing ; Metabolic economics: optimization strategies PPT
Thu Oct-22 Student groups Project planning -
Tue Oct-27 George Church Project Prioritization & Gene Interactions -
Thu Oct-29 George Church Prediction: from atoms to morphology. Physics of molecular engineeering PPT
Tue Nov-3 George Church Math & Computational teams -
Thu Nov-5 George Church Biology team -
Tue Nov-10 Sasha Wait & Harris Wang Trait-o-matic PPT
Thu Nov-12 George Church QTL & Epistasis models PPT
Tue Nov-17 George Church Extreme values; Classic Algorithms: alignment PPT
Tue Nov-19 George Church Decision theory, learning algorithms PPT
Tue Nov-24 George Church Class Project PPT
Tue Nov-26 George Church Thanksgiving -
Tue Dec-1 George Church Class Project PPT
Tue Dec-8 George Church Class Project (presentations) PPT
Tue Dec-10 George Church Class Project (presentations) PPT