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Biophysics 101: Genomics, Computing, and Economics


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Assignments are generally due before 4 PM on the wiki.

Thu 8-Oct-2009 Assignment

  • DUE Tue 13-Oct and 20-Oct: Document your use of each of the 3 web resources from the Oct 1 assignment explicitly on your 101 talk page -- plus 2 more: HGMD and GeneCards. Some of you have asked for additional background material. Everyone should check Wikipedia on the topics of gene interactions, QTL, and epistasis. Assuming that these topics are still incomplete and/or imperfect, then fix them (and note changes on your 101 talk page). Also, if you are desperate for video edutainment : Edge Master Class 2009

Thu 1-Oct-2009 Assignment

  • DUE Thurs 8-Oct: Use each the 3 web resources listed for the 24-Sep assignment explicitly in some way that connects to one of the class project suggestions. Please make edits to the shared project wiki page succinct integrated and link to secondary pages or your talk page for details. Ideally work in interdisciplinary teams of two or more.

Thu 24-Sep-2009 Assignment

  • DUE Tue 29-Sep: Familiarize yourself with OMIM, GeneTests, and SNPedia and note on your talk page at least one big concept for Human2.0 and at least one small step we could take toward achieving it. Please use hypertext to indicate resources, references and/or collaborative work within our class (if any).

Tue 16-Sep-2009 Assignment

  • DUE Thurs 24-Sep: Assignment #3 has been posted. Please print out your code/results and hand it in class.

Tue 8-Sep-2009 Assignment

  • DUE Tue 15-Sep: Calculate the Exponential and Logistic curves in Spreadsheet and Python forms as discussed in class (ppt class slides posted if you need it). Please put a brief comment on your wiki page indicating observations that you had in doing this exercise, e.g. an example plot or any problems you encountered.
  • DUE Tue 15-Sep: Please also take a look at the BioCad website and read this "Foundations for the Engineering Biology" paper.

Thu 3-Sep-2009 Assignment

  • Read the HELP page to get acclimated to the wiki environment if you are not already familiar with it. You will be documenting the majority of your class contributions on this wiki.
  • Sign up for an OpenWetWare account HERE and add yourself to the PEOPLE page (do this by going to the top right corner of the page to log in and use the edit tab at the top of page to edit the People page).
  • Write a brief description about yourself, your interests and what you hope to get out of the class in your own user page.