Falghane Week 11

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The purpose of this assignment is to make a graph through MatLab that shows the stimulation of chemostat through multiple equations and comparing it to values found by hand.


  1. The parameter values q = 0.10 (1/hr), u = 5 (g/L), E=1.5, r=0.8 (1/hr), K = 8 (g) were used in the formulas given in the following document this document. Additionally, the steady states of cell biomass and nutrient mass were found from it too.
  2. Assuming a 2-liter chemostat, the steady-state concentrations of cells and nutrient were found.
  3. The system dynamics were simulated using the MATLAB files and the parameters of (1).
  4. The Graph was then saved and uploaded to the journal.

BONUS: can you get two y-axes, with the second one to the right of the picture like in the journal articles you’ve read?


Steady states:

  • Nutrition mass: 1.1428
  • Cell biomass:2.57

Steady State Concentrations of Cells and Nutrient at 2L Chemostat:

  • Nutrition mass: 1.1428/2 = 0.5714
  • Cell biomass:2.57/2 = 1.28

Simulation of the system dynamics using the MATLAB files and the parameters of (1)

  • The graph showed that the system was going to steady state.
  • The steady state is similar to my (1) calculations.
    • Below is the graph

Graph biomath.png

Figure1: the graph above shows the states of both cells and food over time.

Scientific Conclusion

The graph went to equilibrium between 40 and 50 hours and showed values similar to those I found by hand calculations.


Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.

Falghane (talk) 16:28, 10 April 2019 (PDT)


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