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Fate of rabbit EC and hNCC

Rabbit endothelial cells seemed to attach well. Most death in third well, but plenty of cells everywhere (maybe 40% confluent?). Removed all debris and replaced medium.

Aspirated and threw away the seeded 4K cells in collagen-coated flask, as yeast was just starting to grow in it (2-3 cell groups). Suspicious bright things on bottom in PBS even before seeding; removed other from fridge and will examine later (confirmed).

The Rich medium cells seem to be doing alright but did well to re-seed in 35 mm dishes.

It is apparently possible to filter-sterilize collagenase safely (cf Alexis teratoma cultures with great mushrooms growing in them). I think one might also anticipate with Fungizone treatment.

Lab disk recovery thanks to Matthias Titeux who plugged the drive into an external, USB-powered hard drive and I was able to engrave a couple of double-sided DVDs. --Heather 10:02, 7 April 2009 (EDT)