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Rabbit endothelial cells - first well appears to have beginning yeast infection. Perhaps individual cells in second well. Changed medium abundantly with fresh 20%/DMEM and then made up new medium with amphotericin B found in -20 freezer:

Fungizone at 250 μg/mL is 100-1000x. Used at 1/500 (0.5 μg/mL) in new 50 mL tube of 20% serum/DMEM/p/s (not added in on top, but in theory already in the "quarantine" SG bottle).

See tomorrow how the cultures look, separate them from the others.

Older EC, sparse cultures, are slowly dying. Some cells hanging on, but definitely not proliferating.

hNCC are looking alright, changed medium on cephalic cells, and changed to the neural differentiation medium on the trunk cells. (I pray that this is not also contaminated with yeast, and it was just the flask!) It may well be _me_ from the wrists, for example.

--Heather 10:41, 8 April 2009 (EDT)