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Lab Treat 2006 will occur on Friday July 21 and Saturday July 22.


I will be attending

  1. HK
  2. Alex
  3. Drew Endy (& guest?)
  4. tmt
  5. Caitlin Conboy (I can drive four or five ppl including me.)
  6. Jason Kelly
  7. Lissa
  8. Samantha
  9. Jeff (I can drive 4 including me, 5 if we're desparate)
  10. Jen (if not on jury duty :( , or may come late) **What time is the last car leaving? Will you save me a seat, in case I do get called in but get released early enough? Thanks!
  11. Francois
  12. Ilya Sytchev
  13. Barry Canton
  14. Sri Kosuri + guest?? (can drive 4 people)

My plans have changed and I can no longer come :o(

  1. Austin Che
  2. Reshma (maybe, pending travel arrangements)

Originally replied that they were available this weekend

  1. Leon (I'll bring the hair products)

Getting There

Directions to Bird Bath


Let the eating begin!!