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Added my Papers + citeULike biblio to Mendeley.

Blogged about frustration that can't share PDFs in today's reality. Problem because my refs are poorly tagged/classified because I use them by searching full text... but those I share my biblios with don't have access to full text. oh well!

Currently several categories:

  • Amazon mechanical turk
  • Data citation
  • Data reuse
  • Data sharing and withholding
  • Dryad
  • Interesting Unsorted
  • stats:recurrent events

<<Heather add links>>


Nic reminded me that the iConference will be in Seattle in Feb.

  • The website suggests there will be a Jr Faculty and Postdoc colloquium.
  • Poster deadline is Aug 30th.
  • Not clear from website yet how much it costs. Maybe some people from UBC are going and we could share a room?
  • Not sure yet what the timing is like for Science Online in NC
  • will keep it in mind