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Status Update

  • Last two weeks
    • worked with the interns as the DataONE internships formally ended on July 31, 2010
    • reported on DataONE data citation research projects at NESCent Informatics meeting
    • discovered and started learning about Andersen-Gill survival analysis: good for modelling recurrent events, like citation data?
    • decided not to submit a paper to IDCC in liu of spending more time to do a proper analysis of metadata-to-reuse relationship and submitting it to a journal like Database
      • instead will submit a compilation of DataONE internship projects as an IDCC poster
    • imported my bibliographic library to Mendeley and created public and shared collections:
    • as per Peter Suber's suggestion, added reuse project to Open Access research in progress page:
    • contributed to Open Science articulation of what it might mean to be an "Open Scientist":
    • offered to contribute 2 days over the next month to support for Science Online 2010 London project led by Peter Murray-Rust:
    • did an open peer-review for Trials
    • comments to Rob Guralnick on "new models of credit" paper
    • two blog posts: one on how OA would improve the usefulness of my Mendeley library and another on how data sharing makes our shoulders broader (
    • did a bit of open notebook updating
  • Coming up:
    • start a postdoc research and training plan for myself
    • continue working with the interns towards publishable manuscripts
    • start page on OWW starter and lessons-learned
    • refine GEO reuse analysis for Science letter
    • feedback to Mike Whitlock on TREE paper
    • continue getting into the open notebook habit


Also, in the spirit of our conversation last week, here is my open code:

I'm not terribly proud of it: I'm not yet in a habit of continual commits, it lacks licensing info, documentation about how someone else could start using it, packaging files, etc. In short, it is the messy code of someone working quickly by herself.

It will be part of my research plan to continue to improve my practices going forward. In the mean time, I figured I'd post it in my status to reduce the need for external prodding ;)


  • added some shared collections
    • text mining
    • citation analysis
    • etc. Still many things in Interesting Unsorted
    • my plan its to file these a few at a time over the next few months
    • will ask Todd if any particular focused use-case or urgency
  • added shared collections to share PDFs
  • starting just with Dryad and Data Citations so as not to experiment with the huge Data Sharing right away
  • added Peggy and Hilmar as contacts
    • might collaborate with Peggy on collections? She's going to get familiar with Mendeley and see


  • still feeling lack of a useful process for keeping track of notes and todos. Waffling/experimenting with between Google Docs, OWW, Evernote, ....
  • trying to mostly do things and not spend a long time on this meta stuff