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In the first plot, the simple variable represents those journals that give instructions how to cite data. It doesn't seem to me there is much to explore here-- The one interesting note, but I don't know if it's exactly "evidence" is that OA subscription models seem to be more likely to have citation plans than either Mix or Sub journals. With OA the confidence interval =

> (100*binconf(22,307))

PointEst    Lower    Upper
7.166124 4.779716 10.61124 

In the second plot, the Impact Factor steadily rises with a journals request / requirement for data sharing. Evolutionary Biology also looks promising as a category, but Heather pointed out the confounding factor is that EvoBio journals might simply be Higher Impact journals

EvoBio confidence interval =

> (100*binconf(40,307))

PointEst   Lower    Upper
13.02932 9.71623 17.25619
  • Below are some of the CI plots that I did this afternoon. The titles describe the variable tested.

  • Nic Weber 02:26, 23 July 2010 (EDT): I played around with the LogIt Model on the UCLA site. It was fairly over my head...I used the field " Instructions How to Cite data" for a response variable, and included "Impact Factor" and the coded field "Policy Requests / Requires Data Sharing" for variables as predictors. I put my code here: [1]