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This DataONE OpenWetWare site contains informal notes for several research projects funded through DataONE. DataONE is a collaboration among many partner organizations, and is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under a Cooperative Agreement.


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Project Resources

  • All datasets are publicly available in a google doc folder
  • All code is available as gists at my GitHub page (please note, I am in the infancy of programming / writing code)
  • For my "deliverable" article I've started an outline, and will (in the next few days) create a google doc available in the folder mentioned above.

Project Description

All project "begin" dates correspond with entries on the calendar above. To track my progress in more detail click an individual day

  • There is a presentation on my project and its very very very unreliable preliminary results on Prezi

Below was the first draft of my project, and what I expected to do. But as with any research project, this evolved over time:

In this project I will be investigating data management policies for the existence (or absence of) requirements for researchers sharing and citing data. This will be accomplished in two phases. In phase I, I will collect data management policies from a number of journals, repositories and funding sources in order to quantitatively assess data sharing and citation requirements. In phase II, I will be trying to determine the impact of the policies based on correlations with Sarah and Valerie's data."

    • My Specific research questions include:
  • What are the data sharing and citation policies applicable to authors, from funders, journals, and repositories?
      • How do these policies differ by discipline, journal, data type, data source?
      • How has the spectrum of applicable policies changed over time? (Need more thought on how to track this)
      • How do the applicable policies correlate with data sharing behavior
      • How do the applicable policies correlate with citing data

  • This eventually became a research project focused on how to :

    • Evaluate established policies for sharing and citing data in three specific domains- ecology, evolutionary biology and environmental sciences. This was accomplished by gathering policies from publishing outlets, funding sources and domain repositories.
  • From here my research questions developed into:
  • What are the data sharing policies affecting these domains in terms of journals, repositories and funding sources?
  • How do these policies differ by discipline, publisher, country, funding body, data type or data source?
  • How much do these policies affect the practice of reusing or citing data?
  • How have these policies changed over time, and what affect have these changes had? (Which I did not answer)

Preliminary work

  • The following work was all conducted before 6/14/2010

Funders: Search a sampling of articles in the most recent publication for each Dryad Partner journal for funding acknowledgments

Journals Sampled

  • American Society of Naturalists
  • European Society for Evolutionary Biology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
  • Society for the Study of Evolution
  • Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
  • Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
  • Society of Systematic Biologists

I sampled four articles per journal for funding sources...This is the sample that I conducted, and decided there was enough to pursue funders as a datapoint (

Repositories and Journals: Locate data sharing and data reuse/citation policies for the journals and common data repositories of these domains.

(Prelim work here: )

Project Proper

  • This phase began on 6/17/2010

I began by gathering metadata about the Journals, Repositories and Funders

And gathering the associated policies of sharing and reuse

  • The data gathering phase continued through June 7th.

Analysis and Data Cleaning

  • This phase is on-going, but started 7/12/2010


  • This phase is on going, but started 7/19/2010

Article Drafting / Wrap Up

  • This phase will start 7/28 and continue until finished.