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  • Nic Weber 12:02, 21 July 2010 (EDT): During our face to face, Todd talked about the need to quantify the rigidity of a policies data sharing "requirements" or "requests". I spent some time thinking about this for the morning...

For journals, of the 9 requiring data sharing,I think they fall into two categories:

0-Required, not enforced 1-Required, enforced

Also, the following seems appropriate-

0- Require but not specific about sharing process (where to archive, how to make available etc.) 1- Require, but give direction only for certain datatypes 2- Require and give direction for sharing process

I am going to look at "Requested" policies next.

  • Nic Weber 18:20, 21 July 2010 (EDT): I took my first crack at stats and posted my work on Gist: [1]
  • For today I was mostly looking at the simple variable of the requested/ required field that Heather created for me, and using other variables to flesh out what seemed interesting.
  • This was an incredibly helpful exercise in understanding how to clean up my data and how I might code things for futher analysis. And also motivating to do much better cleaner data gathering the first time around (doh!)
  • Tomorrow, I'd like to open up the variables that I test, and maybe look at variables in the Repository or Funding Agencies datasets.
  • I also need to spend more focused time formulating my hypothesis for looking at stats once I get more comfortable interpreting the frames that Heather is feeding me.

  • I started to read a bit of the publications in Data Science Journal for beginning my paper abstract. I found one issue particularly helpful, in 2007, which was devoted to Open Data. I think we could make a strong case for our work updating a number of issues raised in that publication.
  • I was pointed to a journal called Environmental Science and Policy as a possible publishing outlet. It seems like the scope entails studies done on environmental policy affecting society, but there was a one interesting, and realted investigation of trans-disciplinary publishing policies in environmental sciences in 2006. So there is some precedent for work like ours being published here