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Revising the excel spreadsheet created last week with the data

  1. I went through and revised the excel spreadsheet with all of the data in order to eliminate the information that was not necessary and keep the information that was.
  2. The following columns were kept
  • Probe set ID
  • Archival UniGene Cluster
  • UniGene ID
  • Gene Symbol
  • Chromosomal location
  • Ensembl
  • EntrezGene
  • SwissProt
  • RegSeq Protein
  • RegSeq Transcription
  • MGI Name
  • All of the expression values

Organizing the data

  1. Organized the expression values by grouping the three replicates together for each of the three testing groups (TRAMP water. TRAMP GTC, WT)
  2. Made it so that all of the weeks were grouped together as well

Calculating averages

  1. Calculated average expression values for the three replicates for each treatment method for each of the three weeks