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How to Register for Classroom Training Courses

Note that to register for a class you must have an MIT Certificate and have previously completed the Training Needs Assessment.

Register as follows:

  1. Go to the MIT EHS Training Homepage
  2. Select I need to complete the Training Needs Assessment. and hit Submit.
  3. Select the purple tab in the middle of the page labeled Register for Classroom Training.
  4. Follow prompts to register for any required/optional classes.

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Classes to Take

Required Courses

The following courses are required for some or all members of the lab

Optional Courses

The following courses are offered for those who are interested

  • If you would prefer classroom trainin in place of online training:
    • General Chemical Hygiene (Course EHS0100c-A)
    • Managing Hazardous Waste (Course EHS0501c-A)
  • For information regarding how to ship chemicals and biologicals
    • Shipping Hazardous Chemicals Awareness (Course EHS0251c-A)
    • Shipping Biohazardous Materials Awareness (Course EHS0253c-A)

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