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Lab Meetings


2:00 pm LSL-N210
Jing 6/16
Joanne 6/23
Rob 6/30
Kamal 7/7
Lisa 7/14
Carlos 7/21
Temi 8/4
Vincent 8/11
Wamiah 8/18

Notes for Meetings

== Other ==
==May 2013 - 9th floor UG sendoff! ==

==Ugly Sweater Party - November 2011 ==
Okay, not really UGLY, more like sweaters we rarely wear !
Not that bad Marty!

Now, Nathan is a real man

MMM... spicy!!

Marty can't stop...

Ambine ! - or is it Clamber....

9th floor crew & friends

Chien lab - warm and cozy

==Wayne's party - November 4, 2010==

The man of the hour - Wayne Decatur!

Wayne, enjoying the grub

Wayne, with Skip and Danny

the spread

seriously... cake balls ...

Keith B - two thumbs up!

Amber, directing the traffic

R^2 ==> Rob and Rob(in)

Bob Z, trying to decide between awesome options

Marty needs food, badly...

Who said we need tables? Not for Keith R!

even random strangers came to celebrate!