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Welcome to the Chien lab at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

We are an interdisciplinary lab focused on understanding regulated protein degradation and quality control using biochemistry, structural biology and cell biology. Our primary approach is to use both molecular and cellular techniques to understand the mechanisms that lead to specific substrate processing during basic cellular events. We draw from several fields, including Biochemistry[1] and Microbiology [2], and are always interested in enthusiastic students who are driven to understand fundamental biological questions. We are part of the MCB graduate program [3], the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program [4], and the Institute for Cellular Engineering [5] here at UMass. Please see the other links above for more detailed information, or feel free to email if you have questions that aren't addressed.

Lab Highlights

Fall, 2016. Lots of things happening!

  • Joanne Lau graduated in May of 2016 - We wish her the best!
  • Rilee Zeinert passed his ORPs and is officially a 3rd year PhD student!
  • Rob Vass and Rilee Zeinert co-authored a Current Opinion in Microbiology!
  • Madeleine Sutherland joined the lab as a research technician. Welcome Madeleine!
  • Liam Fitzgerald and Jake Nascembeni joined as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!

October, 2015. Kamal's new paper was just published in Cell. Congrats Kamal!

You can read the paper for free (until Nov 27) here:

June, 2015. Joanne's paper published in Molecular Cell! Congratulations Joanne:
January, 2015. Jing's collaborative work with Kearns Lab (IU) is published in PNAS. Congrats!
September, 2014. Our collaborative paper with the Ryan lab on CtrA degradation was published at PNAS. Congratulations Kamal Joshi! Check out: [6]
June, 2014. Our collaborative paper with the Shapiro lab on FtsZ/A degradation was accepted at Molecular Microbiology. Congratulations Nowsheen Bhat on her work for that! [7]
June, 2014. Rob Vass was awarded a CBI fellowship! Congratulations Rob!
June, 2014. Lisa Hernandez Alicea joins the lab! Welcome Lisa!
June, 2014. Temi is joined the lab as a SPUR student. Welcome Temi!
June, 2014. Carlos is working in the lab as an REU student. Welcome Carlos!
November 5, 2013. Rob Vass published his work in DnaX partial processing in PNAS. Congrats Rob! [8]
August 1, 2013. Jing Liu is a co-author on our newly published Cell paper with the Laub Lab.Paper is available here [9]. Congrats Jing and Kristina!
May 7, 2013. Nowsheen Bhat's ClpP trapping paper is published in Molecular Microbiology! Congratulations Nowsheen, Rob, Patrick, and Brian!
January 29, 2013. Amber Cantin's paper (in collaboration with the Laub Lab at MIT) was accepted at Molecular Microbiology! Congrats Amber!
January 15, 2013. Paula Muhlnickel returned to Ruhr University for the remainder of her Master's Diploma - We will miss you!
December 12, 2012. Ying Zhang was awarded a Commonwealth College Honors Research Grant! Congrats Ying!
December 3, 2012. Jing Liu was awarded a CBI Training Fellowship! Congrats Jing!
August 30, 2012. Amber Cantin graduated with her Master's and accepted a job at NIBR, Cambridge.
June 15, 2012. Amber Cantin won one of two Best Poster prizes at the Annual UMass Amherst/Worcester Biochemistry Retreat. Congrats Amber!
June 7, 2012. Keith Rood's paper on structural aspects of PdeA degradation was published online in Structure. Check out the press release [10]. The paper is available here [11].

May 11, 2012. Claudine Mapa, Patrick Stoddard, and Marty Susskind graduated! Claudine's headed to UMass Worcester for grad school. Patrick's off to Harvard. Marty's going to go tear up the west coast! Best of luck Guys!