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Chan Lab

Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis

Ravi did his B.Sc.(Agriculture) at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Republic of India. Later he became interested in plant breeding and thus went on to complete M.Sc.(Agriculture) with specialization in Plant breeding and Genetics at Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics(CPBG), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU), Coimbatore. He was awarded with Junior and Senior Research Fellowships from University Grants Commission(UGC) to pursue his Ph.D. at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB) Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, a constituent research laboratory of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR), Govt. of India. Currently he is a postdoc working on centromere biology in Arabidopsis thaliana.

List of publications:
Molecular Marker based Genetic Diversity Analysis in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) using RAPD and SSR markers.
M. Ravi, S. Geethanjali, F. Sameeyafarheen and M. Maheswaran.
Euphytica. 2003 Volume 133, Number 2, 243-252

AtMND1 is required for homologous pairing during meiosis in Arabidopsis.
Panoli AP, Ravi M, Sebastian J, Nishal B, Reddy TV, Marimuthu MP, Subbiah V, Vijaybhaskar V, Siddiqi I.
BMC Mol Biol. 2006 Jul 27;7:24.

Gamete formation without meiosis in Arabidopsis.
Ravi M, Marimuthu MP, Siddiqi I.
Nature. 2008 451:1121-4

Molecular approaches for the fixation of plant hybrid vigor.
Siddiqi I, Marimuthu MP, Ravi M.
Biotechnol J. 2009 Mar;4(3):342-7.

The plant adherin AtSCC2 is required for embryogenesis and sister-chromatid cohesion during meiosis in Arabidopsis
Sebastian J, Ravi M, Andreuzza S, Panoli AP, Marimuthu MP, Siddiqi I.
Plant Journal. 2009 Jul;59(1):1-13.

Haploid plants produced by centromere-mediated genome elimination.
Ravi M, Chan SW.
Nature. 2010 464:615-8.

The rapidly evolving centromere-specific histone has stringent functional requirements in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Ravi M, Kwong PN, Menorca RM, Valencia JT, Ramahi JS, Stewart JL, Tran RK, Sundaresan V, Comai L, Chan SW.
Genetics. 2010 Oct:186(2):461-71.

Synthetic clonal reproduction through seeds
Marimuthu, M.P.A.*, Jolivet, S.*, Ravi, M.*, Pereira, L., Davda, J.N., Cromer, L., Wang, L., Nogué, F., Chan, S.W.L.#, Siddiqi, I.# & Mercier, R.#
Science. 2011 331, 876
(* equal contribution, # corresponding authors)

Meiosis-specific loading of the centromere-specific histone CENH3 in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ravi, M., Shibata, F., Ramahi, J.S., Nagaki, K., Chen, C., Murata, M. & Chan, S.W.L.
[ PLoS Genet 7(6): e1002121. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002121

Rapid creation of Arabidopsis doubled haploid lines for quantitative trait locus mapping
Seymour, D.K., Filiault, D., Henry, I.M., Monson-Miller, J., Ravi, M., Pang, A., Comai, L., Chan, S.W. and Maloof, J.N.
PNAS, 109, 4227-4232 (2012)

Reverse breeding in Arabidopsis generates homozygous parental lines from a heterozygous plant
Wijnker, E.*, van Dun, K*, de Snoo, C.B., Lelivelt, C.L., Keurentjes, J.J., Naharudin, N.S., Ravi, M., Chan, S.W., de Jong, H. and Dirks, R.
Nature Genetics, 44, 467–470 (2012)(* equal contribution)

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Ravi and Simon on Picnic Day 2008, helping out at the Botanical Conservatory.

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