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Chan Lab

Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis

Joe is a fifth year graduate student from the Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Group. Joe is also a member of the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology, and was a recipient of the DEB's NIH training grant in Biomolecular Technology. He also does undergraduate recruitment for the office of Graduate Studies.
Joe joined the lab in Spring of 2007, and has been heading much of the lab's microscopy analysis of kinetochore structure and function. Joe's main project is involved with using fluorescent intensity of GFP-tagged kinetochore proteins to quantify protein amounts, and better understand kinetochore structure on megabase-scale centromere DNA.
Joe did his undergraduate research in the lab of Dr. Laura Burrus at San Francisco State University. While in the Burrus Lab, he worked on Wnt signaling in chick neural tube development using antisense gene knockdown and confocal microscopy. Joe was funded by the SFSU MARC program.

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