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One Ring to Rule Them All: Researchers map human genome in 4-D as it folds

by October 6, 2017


This article terms cohesin as the "one ring to rule them all" for its new found integral role in DNA topological structure.


  • “Researchers Map Human Genome in 4-D as It Folds.” - News and Articles on Science and Technology, 6 Oct. 2017,

Halloween Treat: NASA releases playlist of the Universe's spooky sounds

by Samantha Mathewson, Contributor


Science is pretty fun! My favorite is "Kepler: Star KIC7671081B Light Curve Waves to Sound".

Citation: Mathewson, Samantha (2017, October 30). Halloween Treat: NASA Releases a Playlist of the Universe's Spooky Sounds.

Tamoxifen is in the news for anti-aging properties.

New Yorker on Nobel Prizes and more. Now is a good time to get in the habit of reading the New Yorker if you do not.

Meet 'Dark DNA' - The Hidden Genes That May Change How We Think About Evolution

by Adam Hargreaves, Postdoctoal Research Fellow, University of Oxford


This article references studies where some clusters of DNA aren't detected by current sequencing methods. They're terming it "Dark DNA", like "Dark matter" - which seems dramatic to me - since all measurement instruments have limits. Thoughts?

Studies referenced in this article:

Citation: Hargreaves, Adam "Meet 'Dark DNA' - The Hidden Genes That May Change How We Think About Evolution." Science Alert. Trend MD, 26 August 2017. Web. 6 October 2017.

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