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<h2>April 11(Kick off Meeting)</h2> <br>・team name: UT-Kasei Runners <br>・reading of “THE CELL”

<h2>April 18</h2> <br>* Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns //Paul W. K. Rothemund

<br>* Challenges and opportunities for structural DNA nanotechnology
//Andre V. Pinheiro1, Dongran Han, William M. Shih and Hao Yan 

<h2>April 25</h2> <br>* Self-assembly of a nanoscale DNA box with a controllable lid //Ebbe S. Andersen, Mingdong Dong, Morten M. Nielsen, Kasper Jahn, Ramesh Subramani, Wael Mamdouh, Monika M. Golas, Bjoern Sander, Holger Stark, Cristiano L. P. Oliveira,
Jan Skov Pedersen, Victoria Birkedal, Flemming Besenbacher, Kurt V. Gothelf & Jørgen Kjems

<br>* A Logic-Gated Nanorobot for Targeted Transport of Molecular Payloads //Shawn M. Douglas, Ido Bachelet, George M. Church

<h2>May 2</h2> <br>* Single-molecule chemical reactions on DNA origami //Niels V. Voigt, Thomas Tørring, Alexandru Rotaru, Mikkel F. Jacobsen, Jens B. Ravnsbæk, Ramesh Subramani, Wael Mamdouh, Jørgen Kjems, Andriy Mokhir, Flemming Besenbacher and Kurt Vesterager Gothelf

<br>* Autonomous multistep organic synthesis in a single isothermal solution mediated by a DNA walker //Yu He and David R. Liu

<h2>May 9</h2> <br>* Nanomechanical DNA origami‘single-molecule beacons’directly imaged by atomic force microscopy
Akinori Kuzuya, Yusuke Sakai1, Takahiro Yamazaki1, Yan Xu & Makoto Komiyama1 <br>* Self-assembled DNA nanostructures for distance-dependent multivalent ligand–protein binding // Sherri Rinker, Youngang Ke, Yan Liu, Rahul Chhabra and Hao Yan

<h2>May 23</h2> <br>・Introduction of Ueda Lab <br>・Plannnig of Youtube, Wiki, Presentation

<h2>May 30</h2> <br>・Brain Storming

<h2>June 6</h2> <br>・Proposal of Project Ideas <br>* A proximity-based programmable DNA nanoscale assembly line
//Hongzhou Gu1, Jie Chao, Shou-Jun Xiao2 & Nadrian C. Seeman

<br>* Programmed Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly of Multiple DNA Origami Jigsaw Pieces //Arivazhagan Rajendran, Masayuki Endo, Yousuke Katsuda, Kumi Hidaka and Hiroshi Sugiyama <br>* Orthogonal Protein Decoration of DNA Origami //Barbara Saccà, Rebecca Meyer, Michael Erkelenz, Kathrin Kiko, Andreas Arndt, Hendrik Schroeder, Kersten S. Rabe, and Christof M. Niemeyer

<h2>June 13</h2> <br>* Molecular robots guided by prescriptive landscapes //Kyle Lund, Anthony J. Manzo, Nadine Dabby, Nicole Michelotti, Alexander Johnson-Buck,
Jeanette Nangreave, Steven Taylor, Renjun Pei, Milan N. Stojanovic, Nils G. Walter, Erik Winfree & Hao Yan

<br>* Programmable molecular recognition based on the geometry of DNA nanostructures //Sungwook Woo1 and Paul W. K. Rothemund

<br>* Self-replication of information-bearing nanoscale patterns //Tong Wang, Ruojie Sha, Remi Dreyfus, Mirjam E. Leunissen, Corinna Maass, David J. Pine, Paul M. Chaikin & Nadrian C. Seeman

<br>* Complex shapes self-assembled from single-stranded DNA tiles
//Bryan Wei, Mingjie Dai & Peng Yin

<h2>June 20</h2> <br>* Direct observation of stepwise movement of a synthetic molecular transporter //Shelley F. J. Wickham, Masayuki Endo, Yousuke Katsuda, Kumi Hidaka, Jonathan Bath, Hiroshi Sugiyama and Andrew J. Turberfield

<h2>June 27</h2> ・Decision of Project Theme

<h2>July 4</h2>

2<h2>July 31</h2> initial training of experiments

<h2>August 1 -</h2> experiments

<h2>September 7</h2> midterm presentation

</h2>September 14</h2> sports festival at Kachiwa campus

<h2>October 27</h2> wiki/youtube deadline

<h2>November 3-4</h> jamboree </body> </html>