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Melik Demirel


Professor Demirel advises the team and makes sure we are headed in the right direction.

Runkun Jiang


  • Graduate Advisor
  • M.S. Engineering Science and Mechanics

Runkun is the graduate advisor for the team and assisted us in conjunction with Professor Demirel.

Jiayi (Jessie) Liang


  • Undergraduate
  • Bioengineering, Class of 2012

Jessie is the team leader for the group and made sure progress was being made in a timely manner. She also helps to organize what needs to be done and helps the team in any way she can with her biological background.

Steve Hahn


  • Undergraduate
  • Chemistry, Class of 2012

Steve is a member of team Blue Genes. His background in chemistry helps us to understand the math behind our design.

Will Schuppert


  • Undergraduate
  • Engineering Science and Mechanics, Electrical Engineering option, Class of 2012

Will is a member of team Blue Genes. His previous experiences in architecture helps us to understand geometric designs.