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Summer Meeting Schedule

  • BioMod student-faculty meeting: every other Thursday at 2:30 pm starting 6/16
  • Shih lab meeting: Fridays at noon in CLSB 521
  • Yin lab meeting: Thursdays at 4 pm in CLSB 521

Spring 2011 Preliminary Meetings

  • 1st Meeting: date = 2011-03-30
    • Intro’s
    • Go over schedule
    • Discuss guidelines for meetings: obsessive documentation – of what you think is important – take notes, then transfer to openwetware team wiki
    • caDNAno walk-through: six helix bundle, other example structures, tall rectangle
    • Go over reading – static and dynamic structures – the problem space
    • generate list of ideas for projects
    • register the team + pick a team name
    • Send emails to get contact info, set up shared drop box, make facebook page, make everyone get openwetware accounts and starts to put notes on the wiki
  • 2nd Meeting: date = Wed 4/6 7:30 pm @ Science Center Room 113
    • Beforehand:
      • Team meets independently to narrow down ideas
      • Team starts populating wiki with their own brain-stormings
      • Adam answers all questions on the wiki
    • During:
      • Detailed brainstorm on the two ideas, critique
      • Try to narrow it down to 2 ideas
      • caDNAno recap/tutorial session
      • Brief NuPack tutorial
  • 3rd meeting: date = 4/17 (Sunday) 11 am – mid afternoon Science Center Room 113
    • Team gives 20 minute powerpoint to Adam on 1 chosen idea
    • Critique/Disucusion
    • Include preliminary caDNAno and/or NuPack designs and sketches, more details: "what you want to design" and "how" but not "the full design itself"
    • Critique: is it realistic? What needs to be changed? Timelines?
  • 4th Meeting: date = ? first week of May = reading period
    • Students present updated powerpoint to faculty mentors
    • Visit to Wyss Institute
    • Follow-up discussion on next steps
  • Before May 25th:
    • We agree on a detailed timeline for work for the summer
  • June 6th:
    • Show up at 9 am at CLSB (Wyss) to start experimental training!

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