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Undergraduate Team Members

Nick Perkons

Nick is a sophomore from South Brunswick, New Jersey pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a secondary in Computer Science. Nick loves working with gold and hopes to make the world's smallest necklace someday! Outside of the lab Nick loves getting involved with the community, especially through mentoring and event planning.

File:SR.jpg Shwinn Ricci

Shwinn is a junior concentrating in Chemistry. He hails from New York, New York.

Sherrie Wang

Sherrie is a sophomore from Sharon, Massachusetts concentrating in Biomedical Engineering and pursuing a secondary in Statistics. She loves engineering design and aspires to be an AFM master someday. Outside of research, she's interested in graphic design and combining entrepreneurship with science.

Evan Wu

Evan is a sophomore concentrating in Chemistry and Physics and pursuing a secondary in Computer Science. He's originally from Corvallis, Oregon, is obsessed with the TEM, and loves classical music. His mind is equally blown by DNA origami and the exciting intersection of science and public policy.

Contact us: harvardnanos[AT]!

Graduate and Post-Doctoral Mentors

Faculty Mentors