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DIY Prusa P3Steel 3D printer

Any serious DIY workspace needs a 3D printer for prototype development and fabrication of parts. That is why BioBarakken joined in on an event to build a Prusa P3Steel 3D printer from scratch! During each Friday of January 2018 a group of 4 members from BioBarakken met up to assemble a Prusa P3Steel 3D printer. All the necessary parts were pre-ordered by the event organizers.

Learn more about the event here (in danish only) and P3Steel 3D printer here.



Rethink Activism Festival 2017

Picture from the DNA extraction workshop
DNA extraction workshop: Shaeema Zaman Ahmed presenting some background knowledge before the students were set loose to extract their own DNA.

BioBarakken was part of the Rethink Activism Festival 2017 where we held two workshops: DIY DNA extraction and DIY yogurt (see below). During the festival members of BioBarakken were ready to assist festival guests in extracting their own DNA or making their own yogurt.

DNA extraction

Remember: fingerprint identification

DIY yogurt

Food waste is a horrible sin. Inspired by ?reculture? BioBarakken decided to set up a workshop teaching people how to convert milk close to the expiration date to yogurt thereby extending the shelf life with one week.




Donation of equipment

BioBarakken has been very privileged in a way that different companies and laboratories in Aarhus have shown their support by donating equipment and reagents.