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R Analysis and Visualization of intracranial EEG Data (RAVE) is a powerful software tool for the analysis of intracranial electroencephalogram (iEEG) data, including data collected using strips and grids (ECoG) and depth electrodes (stereo EEG). Funding provided by NIH 1R24MH117529-01.

Condition Explorer Module in RAVE

Try RAVE in your browser hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Sample data from Ozker et al. Load electrodes 22 and 23 for double dissociation effect.

Install RAVE on your personal computer.

Try RAVE on your computer by downloading and installing it from GitHub.
Follow instructions under on front page of Github site.

Check out videos created using RAVE

High gamma response to audiovisual stimulus
High gamma response to auditory only stimulus
High gamma response to visual only stimulus

Tutorials are currently under development:

High Gamma iEEG Response to Audiovisual Stimulus

High gamma (75-150 Hz) response to audiovisual stimulus. Right hemisphere intracranial grid. White indicates no change in baseline activity, red indicates increased local electrical activity. Slowed to 1/10 normal speed. Made with RAVE.