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Your Advanced Electrode Localizer (YAEL) is free and open-source software for localizing and visualizing electrodes. YAEL is a sister package to the RAVE software toolbox for the analysis of intracranial electroencephalogram (iEEG) data.

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Intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG) provides a unique opportunity to record and stimulate neuronal populations in the human brain. A key step in neuroscience inference from iEEG is localizing the electrodes relative to individual subject anatomy and identified regions in brain atlases. We describe a new software tool, Your Advanced Electrode Localizer (YAEL), that provides an integrated solution for every step of the electrode localization process. YAEL is compatible with all common data formats to provide an easy-to-use, drop-in replacement for problematic existing workflows that require users to grapple with multiple programs and interfaces. YAEL's automatic extrapolation and interpolation functions speed localization, especially important in patients with many implanted stereotactic (sEEG) electrode shafts. The graphical user interface is presented in a web browser for broad compatibility and includes an interactive 3D viewer for easier localization of nearby sEEG contacts. After localization is complete, users may enter or import data into YAEL’s 3D viewer to create publication-ready visualizations of electrodes and brain anatomy, including identified brain areas from atlases; the response to experimental tasks measured with iEEG; and clinical measures such as epileptiform activity or the results of electrical stimulation mapping. YAEL is free and open source and does not depend on any commercial software.

YAEL poster presented at the 2023 Organization for Human Brain Mapping Meeting

Interactive YAEL poster presented at the 9th Annual 2023 NIH Brain Initiative Investigators Meeting


Wang Z, Magnotti JF, Zhang X, Beauchamp MS. YAEL: Your Advanced Electrode Localizer. eNeuro 19 October 2023, 10 (10) ENEURO.0328-23.2023 Click here for the journal full text Click here for the PDF. Click here for the preprint.

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