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Rafael Aguilar
Raneem Asiri
Brandon Boyle
Joseph Dimodica
Margaret Miller
Nicole Robinson


Health Care Issue

There are over 200,000 cases of ischemic strokes every year, 87% of all cases of strokes. There are two types of ischemic strokes, thrombotic and embolic. Thrombotic strokes, which are caused by blood clots within an artery that goes to the brain, are the most common [1]. If the patient does not receive proper treatment within three hours after a stroke occurs, risk factors are much higher. The designed device will be a non invasive Doppler ultrasound patch to read issues pertaining to the carotid. The device will also track several other biomarkers in order to accomplish the goal to quickly detect the presence of a stroke as well as allow speedy treatment to decrease the number of deaths or permanent damage caused by a thrombotic stroke every year.

Customer Validation

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
Contact Info: 1-877-227-7691
Website: Dignity Health
Description: One of top neuroscience institutes in nation for past 50 years.

American Heart Association
Contact Info: 800-242-8721
Website: American Heart Association
Description: The United States’s largest and oldest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting stroke and heart disease.

Mayo Clinic Hospital
Contact Info: 480-301-8000
Website: Mayo Clinic
Description: Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to research and education while providing medical assistance to all that are in need. It is one of the certified stroke centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center
Contact Info: 602-839-2000
Website: Banner Health
Description: Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center is one of the certified stroke centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

John C. Lincoln Medical Center
Contact Info: 602-839-2000
Website: Honor Health
Description: John C. Lincoln is one of the certified stroke centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Abraham, Michael MD
Contact Info: 480-882-4000
Website: Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center
Description: Neurologist with a clinical focus on Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Maarten Lansberg, MD, PhD
Contact Info: 650-723-6469
Website: Stanford Health Care
Description: Associate Professor of Neurology with a focus on stroke at Stanford University.

Claudia Mason
Contact Info: Claudia Mason Website
Website: News Coverage
Description: Supermodel who had a stroke at age 45

Eric Elsner Adelman MD
Contact Info:734-936-9020
Website: University of Michigan Health
Description: Stroke neurologist and professor at University of Michigan.

Devorah Hershkovich
Contact Info:1-800-STROKES (787-6537) menu option 3
Website: Stroke Resources
Description: Stroke helpline survivor and representative.
<br\> Charles Louis
Contact Info:1-800-STROKES (787-6537), menu option 3
Website: Stroke Resources
Description: Stroke helpline survivor and representative.
<br\> Arrowhead Hospital
Contact Info:(623) 561-1000
Website: Find A Stroke Center Near You
Description: Certified US stroke center in Glendale.
<br\> Foothills Neurology
Contact Info:(480) 961-2365
Website: Foothills Neurology
Description: Stroke specialty center in Phoenix, AZ
<br\> Husham Peter Mishu, MD
Contact Info:(404) 653-0039
Website: Midtown Neurology
Description: Procedures performed are acute stroke therapy with tissue plasminogen activator
<br\> Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital Health Care Center
Contact Info:(520) 873-3000
Website: Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital
Description: Certified US stroke center in Tucson
<br\> Ellis Hedaya, MD
Contact Info:(404) 351-2270
Website: Piedmont Healthcare
Description: Specializes in stroke and spine disorders in Atlanta, GA
<br\> David Tong, MD
Contact Info:(415)-600-5760
Website: Sputter Health CPMC
Description: Known for his use of advanced diagnostic techniques and therapeutic treatments. Neurologist nationally recognized for his work with strokes.
<br\> Branko Huisa-Garate, MD
Contact Info:(858) 657-8540
Website: UC San Diego Health
Description: Director of the stroke fellowship program at UC San Diego Health.
<br\> Philip E. Stieg, PhD, MD
Contact Info:(212)-746-4684
Website: Brain and Spine Center
Description: 15 years on Castle Connolly Medical’s list of the nation’s Top Doctors. He is the president of the Brain Tumor Foundation, and president of the New York board of the American Heart Association.

Michael Waters, MD, PhD
Contact Info:(480) 787-2284
Website: Barrow Neuro
Description: Director of the Neurovascular Division and Stroke Program at Barrow Neurological Institute


Competitors CT Scanner Fore-Sight Device Stroke Riskometer Application Life Watch

- Extremely thorough
- Led by a doctor.
- Can detect hemorrhages and areas of insufficient blood flow that are more in depth signs of a stroke.
- Definite diagnosis

- Accurate tissue oximeter
- Penetrates deeper into brain tissue

- The application has a clean look
- Many questions that narrow down the risk of a stroke
- Uses the F.A.S.T acronym
- Give options and tips to reduce risk.

- 24 hour monitoring
- Up to 30 days of full disclosure ECG, which allows physicians to understand the early symptoms and etiology of arrhythmias and determine therapeutic options
- Daily, episode, urgent, and end-of-session report.


- Large
- Noisy
- Average cost of a CT scan in the United States is $1,200
- Not convenient

- Not for use at home
- Used during surgery to prevent stroke

- Does not include any internal biomarker detection
- Only used for long term adjustment, not real-time stroke detection.

- A monthly subscription cost of 19.95 - 39.95 USD
- A battery life of approximately 120 hours
- Has a tether range of 1500 feet from a base station.

IP Position

The main patent relating to our device is the ultrasound patch while all the other patents may be useful in developing our device. The ultrasound patch has the ability to connect wirelessly to an external device. Our goal is to add other technology to the existing patch and that is why their are other patents such as the electronic skin and battery free skin.
Ultrasound patch [2]
Microphone Arrays for Listening to Internal Organs of the Human Body [3]
Semi-disposable wearable medical electronic patches [4]
Wireless fetal monitor (Heartbeat and doppler ultrasound)[5]
Electronic skin patch for real time monitoring of cardiac activity and personal health management [6]
Battery-free, stretchable optoelectronic systems for wireless optical characterization of the skin [7]

Fundability Worksheet Scores

Fundability Worksheet Scores

Customer Validation
We research the people and places that we thought would respond well to our device. The score of one represents that fact that we didn't actually contact the customers.
The competitors we researched are either for in hospital use or are simply just a monitoring device with no other added features. The Life Watch seemed to be our biggest competitor but they charge a monthly subscription and do not notify the patient if anything is seriously wrong at that moment.
IP Position
There were many other patents that we can adapt to our product mainly using the ultrasound patch.